Part one: Alyssa Spyridon



As part one of our Motherhood Series, we kick it off with Alyssa Spyridon.  Alyssa is a multifaceted woman of timeless style with a heart made of absolute GOLD. 

She is mother to a beautiful baby girl named Goldy.





She is both owner + curator of antique home goods & gorgeous bespoke rugs through her company, Relic Home






"For me, motherhood is striving to raise someone I'm proud of, all the while, being someone she is proud of. The connection is magical but the struggle is often real." 

Motherhood is the best adventure. Since becoming a mother I am full of happiness and a deeper purpose. Being a mother drives me to be the best version of myself more than anything has before. My life IS MORE challenging but more complete. Motherhood is full of ups & downs. Motherhood is sleep deprivation. Motherhood is playful. Motherhood is rewarding beyond measure.
— Alyssa Spyridon



Alyssa lives and works out of her 198 year old historic home with her daughter, Goldy, and partner, Matthew, in Nashville, TN. 


Photos by: Balee Greer