Jessica Robertson: Owner + Designer

Jessica Robertson: Owner + Designer

Naturally dyed goods created with honor + intention using local dye plants & food waste in Nashville, TN.

Part five: In Honor of Mom's Everywhere

Part five: In Honor of Mom's Everywhere

Happy Mother's Day 

from us to you! 

Photos by: Balee Greer 


What an honor it was to be in a room full of some of the most inspiring women who just so happen to be some of the most badass moms around.

Speaking of badass moms, one of my best friends gave birth last year to a lively & (usually) always happy baby girl!





Michaela & Eleanor

Mother to 10 month old Eleanor, this stunning mama, Michaela, shares her thoughts on motherhood...

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood. It cracks you wide open, revealing super strengths & super shortcomings. Everything has a new meaning now. It is the honor of my life to be her mother.
— Michaela Thompson Slagle

Michaela + Elle sportin' their Honor Of silk bandanas (cue hearts melting, btw.


Meet Flor & her 2 year old son, Leo. 

Motherhood to me is the most rewarding yet chaotic and unselfish relationship. I love my son and I love rediscovering the simple things in life through his eyes.
— Flor Maxwell


Flor & Leo

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who purchased & gifted our exclusive tees! We have only 3 left that we will still be offering in our shop even after Mother's Day. 

20% of sales from this limited run will be directly donated to Mom's Demand Action on 5/18/18. 

xo- Jessica 

Part four: Robin Riddell Jones

Part four: Robin Riddell Jones