Part two: Tekitha + Prana






Next up for our Motherhood Series, we have an incredibly inspiring mother daughter duo. Not only are they the epitome of authenticity, kindness, & raw talent, their love for one another shines bright. 













To be the mother of this wonderful girl Prana Supreme has been the greatest achievement of my life. She has grounded me when I unknowingly needed an anchor and carried me into peace in a way I could have never imagined. Before her I was, in my opinion, so very one dimensional. It is in her eyes that I found strength. In her laugh that I found freedom. My role as her mother is the most important work I will ever do. To nurture her passions and guide her gently into forming her own opinions about her journey in this life and to inspire her to bring beauty to the world around her is a job I am grateful to have. I love who I have become because of motherhood and I owe my daughter the very best of everything life has to offer coupled with the wisdom to know what to do with it.
— Tekitha Wisdom
I believe what makes us so close is that she’s never treated me inferior to her and because of that it’s so much easier to confide in her. Whenever I tell people about my mother I always say, “My mom is one of my best friends.” —and it truly isn’t an exaggeration of the relationship we have. I respect my mom as the adult of course, but I find we talk to each other like friends...We travel the world together and are now currently working together and at the end of the day who would you rather have at your side than the person who wants you to succeed most in life.
— Prana Supreme



You can catch Tekitha + Prana singing their way around Nashville and all around the globe, along with a mini tour around the southeast later this summer. 

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Photos by: Balee Greer