"HONOR | OF was born out of a necessity to find beauty through the pain during one of the darkest times of my life..." 


"Nature has always provided me with the incredible opportunity to explore myself & dig deeper into the world around me. In return, I have found tremendous healing, necessary solitude, endless inspiration, as well as the appropriate space and medium to practice mindfulness while working towards reducing my environmental footprint. The art of natural dyeing has strengthened my connection with the natural world while helping me understand my place in it."



-Jessica Robertson

Owner + Founder  



About the process..

The process is long, not to be rushed but it serves as a sort of metaphor for life itself. Through this art I am able to preserve, in color, the life of a once living organism. Every color is one of a kind, truly unique, just like ourselves. The way the plant keeps giving off color much longer after it’s “living life” has ended reminds me of those lost who we still carry with us. And ultimately, after it’s color extracts have exhausted themselves, it’s time to release and let go. And so it goes back into the earth. As do we.